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This is where you will keep you up to date with the legislation that Assemblywoman McHose proud to sponsor in the New Jersey State Assembly. Click below and you'll be able to read the detailed legislation in their entirety and stayed updated with their most recent status in the legislative process. You're always encouraged to share your thoughts and comments with the Assemblywoman

Legislation is listed in reverse order with the most recent last. You can also use the search tool below to look up a bill by number or keyword.


Legislation Sponsored By Assemblywoman McHose

A1207 Expands the list of crimes that may not be expunged
A1321 Authorizes special license plates with proceeds to the families of NJ troops overseas
A1355 Bars sex offenders from jobs which primarily consist of contact with children
A1366 Clarifies right of employers to require employees to speak English while engaged in work
A1367 Caps noneconomic damages in medical malpractice actions at $250,000
A1368 Excludes overtime pay of certain employees from gross income tax
A1374 Dedesignates portions of Route 24
A1376 Women's Right to Know Act
A1384 Revises procedures for securing a permit to carry a handgun
A1393 Designates New Jersey Route No. 15 as Ronald Reagan Memorial Highway
A1394 Establishes Lake Hopatcong Fund, dedicates $700,000 annually from pleasure boat registration fees to that fund, and appropriates $700,000 for FY2009
A1402 Provides certain limits on benefits coverage by health insurers, SHBP, and SEHBP for certain services related to infertility
A1403 Changes membership of Lake Hopatcong Commission and requires DEP to develop water level management plan for Lake Hopatcong to be approved by commission
A1683 Changes perimeter for bow and arrow hunting around occupied building
A1844 Authorizes Sunday bow hunting on federal military installations
A2129 Expands scope of New Jersey Regulatory Flexibility Act dealing with economic impact of rules on small businesses
A2130 Appropriates $600,000 to the Lake Hopatcong Commission from constitutionally dedicated Corporation Business Tax revenues
A2194 Property Assessment Appeal Transparency Act revises content of required annual notification of real property assessment
A2212 Extends expiration date of special appraisal process for Green Acres and farmland preservation programs from 2009 to 2014
A2217 Extends expiration date of special appraisal process for Green Acres and farmland preservation programs from 2009 to 2014 for lands in Highlands Region
A2246 Permits possession of certain types of ammunition
A2247 Post-Viability Protection Act
A2272 Increases membership of Fish and Game Council and clarifies it has sole authority to regulate freshwater fishing, hunting, and trapping
A2312 Requires Attorney General to defend certain local law enforcement officers
A2314 Prohibits housing allowance in contract between State Board of Education and State district superintendent
A2315 Exempts certain lake association membership fees and dues from imposition of sales and use tax
A2316 Removes charges in the nature of initiation fees, membership fees or dues from sales and use tax
A2317 Prohibits DOT from putting tolls on I-78 and I-80 and from transferring jurisdiction to independent authority or entity
A2318 Provides procedures for crediting certain dwellings used by agricultural workers in determination of municipality's fair share housing obligation
A2319 Requires public referendum prior to issuance of general obligation bonds by local units
A2336 Protects property owned by military personnel and first responders from condemnation
A2337 Prohibits release of illegal immigrants from correctional facilities
A2338 Provides for direct property tax relief from Highlands Property Tax Stabilization Fund
A2339 Requires appropriations in the nature of grants-in-aid to include certain criteria in the act in which they are enacted
A2340 Requires proof of lawful presence in the United States to obtain certain benefits
A2341 Requires that the members of a housing authority must reside in the municipality in which the housing authority was created
A2342 Encourages purchase of "Jersey Fresh" and other NJ agricultural products by State agencies, departments and facilities
A2343 Precludes most distributions of increased value of pre-marital residence at time of divorce
A2344 Expands calibers of rim-fire rifles permitted on State wildlife management target ranges
A2345 Repeals traffic control signal monitoring system pilot program
A2434 Eliminates legislative leadership committees
A2435 Establishes separate license for dealers of non-motorized trailers
A2436 Prohibits filling of vacancy among candidates nominated at primaries after 48th and before 14th day before general election, except due to death; prohibits filling subsequent vacancies before elections
A2452 Requires State-administered pension systems to train employers on enrollment requirements; requires employers to certify validity of employee enrollment with acknowledgement of penalty for providing false information
A2508 Establishes in DEP the Environmental Science Review Board to review proposed environmental regulations for consistency with science
A2559 Clarifies that Fish and Game Council has sole authority to regulate freshwater fishing, hunting, and trapping
A2560 Consolidates certain business-related categories of gross income and provides 20 year carryforward of certain net losses under gross income tax
A2614 Repeals law allowing PERS member to retire with PERS pension and continue to receive salary for current PERS-covered elective office
A2628 Extends limit for nonpublic school busing to 30 miles in Atlantic, Burlington, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Hunterdon, Ocean, Salem, Sussex and Warren Counties
A2857 Eliminates prohibition against purchasing more than one handgun in calendar month
A2858 Repeals certain restrictions on future retail sales of handguns
A2953 Permits layoff plans as substitute for employment reconciliation plans for joint meetings or shared service agreements under certain circumstances
A2956 Eliminates seniority in Civil Service and other jurisdictions for reductions in force in certain circumstances
A2958 Allows gross income tax refunds to be credited against a taxpayer's delinquent local property taxes
A2967 Revises statutes concerning permissible length of time between certain public questions in certain municipalities
A2968 Requires women incarcerated in county correctional facilities to cover full cost of abortion
A3085 The Abortion Mandate Opt-Out Act prohibits certain qualified health plans that provide abortion coverage from participating in health benefits Exchanges in the State
A3101 Clarifies local government unit obligations with regard to DEP loan awards for dam repairs
A3147 Repeals "Global Warming Response Act" and related sections of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative implementing law
A3169 Permits high performing school districts to be monitored by the DOE every seven years rather than every three years
A3172 Requires all personal audio players distributed in New Jersey to contain warning about volume and hearing loss
A3249 Repeals the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote
A3291 Exempts agricultural driver's licensees from certain graduate driver law restrictions when operating farm equipment and vehicles
A3324 Provides for early termination of appointed municipal court positions under certain circumstances
A3346 Concerns State regulation of certain telecommunications services

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